Personal Hygiene and Safety – A Toilet Seat Sanitizer Sanitizes

“Be the change you wish to see.”
“We are the change that we seek.”
But is there really a ‘change’ anywhere?
Having a clean loo is the clear difference between disgust and dignity, health and disease.
The fight for equality is a big one. But this fight has many more fights in it.

Pee Safe Spray aims at making women get their basic human right to clean and sanitized toilets so that women no longer have to turn their backs to their needs. This spray which kills 99.9% of the germs and bacterias and leaves great fragrance.The most easy and quick solution for using public toilets without the fear of getting infected. Protects from diseases like UTI and gastroenteritis.


Loo Spray Personal hygien plays a very vital role in every women’s life. loospray makes it easier to prevent the infection caused by visiting public washrooms. Just a spray to protect you from UTI.


U Spray is a carefully formulated sanitizer to eliminate the germs off your toilet seat. Make it a part of your essential kit to avoid a dirty scene at all times.Personal hygiene is the most important thing..!! Step out with this lil handy toilet seat sanitizer.. it will easily fit in your handbag. So carry thid cute lil sanitizer when ever you go out.


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